At North Metropolitan Tafe - Perth

During this course I have been learning about the current knowledge and skills of web-based technologies to design and develop websites.

Diagram of Cert. IV - Web Tech Course Learning Units at NMTafe Perth

In the past, I have used software packages such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.), Microstation, MapInfo, FME, AutoCad, Adobe Acrobat Professional, CorelDraw, Inmagic DB/text, etc. During this course, I get the opportunity to use and learn many more eg.:

  • various types of text editors to write web codings (eg. Notepad++ & Sublime)
  • DreamWeaver
  • various types of web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
  • Chrome Developer Tool
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • FTP Client (eg. FileZilla)
  • XAMPP for Apache, PHP & MySQL (for database)

Studying this course made it easier by having very experience and knowledgeable lecturers and all learning materials are also very well prepared and organised.

All information related to this course are made available online via NMT Student Portal (Blackboard). This online Blackboard system is very convenient as I can do my study and work on my assignments anywhere and at anytime that suits me outside the class.

More information about this course are available on North Metropolitan TAFE website.

Learning Modules
(NMTafe Cert. IV - Web-based Technologies Course)

Semester I
Digital Layout Design (CSS)
FED-Scripting (JavaScript)
UX Design
Workplace Safety and Health (WHS)
Semester II
Website Accessibility
Basic Databases & SQL
BED-Scripting (PHP)
Copyright, Ethic and Privacy
Website Findability
Website Security