This project, ie. My Web Tech Study Website, began at the end of Semester 1 (May 2019) of this course. Initially, it was set up as a combined assignment for HTML and JavaScript learning units and it has been undergoing some major upgrades.

These upgrades used the skills and knowledge that I gained right through this course. Therefore, the look and feel as well as the functionality of this website keep changing as I progress with my study.

Implementation of Skills and Knowledge

I have been incorporating skills and knowledge that I learned from this course, as much as possible, to make this website as it is today. Here are some of the things that I have done so far.

  • Implementation of UX Design knowledge to create a website that is simple but useful, presentable and gives users a good experience.
  • Using HTML semantics appropriately to structure content of the website.
  • Applying different ways of using CSS to style and make the website more presentable.
  • Incorporating some JavaScript coding (e.g. Contact Form) to make the website more interactive.
  • Optimising images for faster loading and adding alt attribute to help with the website findability and accessibility.
  • Addressing accessibility issues and adding accessibility features using WCAG 2.0 Checklists as well as creating two other examples of accessible sites.
    Site 1 - 3 Column Layout
    Site 2 - W. Shakespeare
  • Applying SEO best practices.
  • Special projects, such as producing a video with captions, designing and drawing the website logo, images for the content, taking photographs, presenting a Findability research using HTML-based presentation framework (Reveal.js), etc.
  • Adding a Privacy Policy.
  • Creating a mini e-commerce site (online shop), ie. Apwebs Minishop. This is a combined assignment (final project) for PHP, SQL & Database and Website Security learning units. It is a dynamic and interactive site and was developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Database and JavaScript.

Plans for Future Improvements

This website still has plenty of room for improvements. There are many other techniques can be applied to make it better, e.g.:

  • using more advance CSS such as dynamic navigation (menu), carousel and parallax,
  • more useful and interesting information (articles, pictures, graphs, etc.) could also be added in the content.